Sheet Photopolymer is our bread and butter trade shop business. We handle all sizes of Photopolymer from 0.045 thickness up to 0.250 inch thickness. We can handle all sizes up to 52×80 both in analog and digital. We currently keep in stock the JETUSA,  Mac Dermid, Asahi, and Flint lines of photopolymer.  We will use other photopolymers on request. When Photopolymer was first being developed we were contacted by W.R. Grace to help in the development of photopoymer. We built our own washout units and UV exposure units. It was crude equipment that was finally retired when commercial equipment came on the market. Since then we have upgraded our equipment many times. We now process solvent and waterwash photopolymer. The customer can choose the thickness, relief and plate type and we do the rest. Photopolymer has come a long way in 20 years and is still evolving. Today some plates will flat top and release ink to the substrate without the clogs that occurred just years ago.
Plate types include waterwash and solvent wash photopolymer plates. Waterwash plates traditionally perform better with very aggressive solvent inks. The waterwash plates will not swell when using MEK,