No strings attached.  It’s free and only a little bit of your time.  Come on, we’ll show you.  We’ll make a really great letterpress plate for you.  You’ll find it gives printing results you’ll be proud to offer your customers – and a print they’d be happy to use.  You see, our plate really makes a difference in the quality.

Here’s our story: 

Way back in 1978 when we began to make letterpress plates, we were in a cramped room that once was a part of a large warehouse.  Everything was done the hard way: we washed plates by hand and scrubbed  them until our arms were sore.  We had the necessities (including HEAT) in our first aid kit to keep us going, but oh, how we wanted to move ahead.  We knew we had to up-grade and as soon as we had some loose change, we bought an A & V dual water-wash-perc orbital washout unit.  For years we used it to wash both polymer and letterpress plates until it finally became our letterpress washout unit.   By then, we no longer used perc (bad stuff) and the washout unit long ago had become some sort of a steel machine -– hey, maybe a part of a pick-up truck.  But the dream was still there.

We finally reached a decision: we had to move to a more modern building if we wanted to expand and take advantage of newer technology to make a better product and we did.

We are a Flexo prepress house and as such, letterpress was one of our original flexo plate products. We have a long customer history and have evolved to where we sell finished and unprocessed plates.  We like our plates to br crisp an exact so that we use only JETUSA letterpress.  We promise ultra detailed workmanship with our plates, a quick turnaround and very courteous customer service.  (Even though I came from the northeast, I like to say,we’re southern courteous).  We have standard policies and simple plate pricing to make it easier for both of us.  Our letterpress plate price is 0.50 cents per square inch.  Digital plates are 0.55 cents

Need help?  Your plate needs are just a call away.


 Before you place an order, we’ll review your digital files to let you know of possible press issues.  If you need extra help on that, we’ll work with you, offering trouble-shooting and printing advice that is required to get the job right.  Because of relief issues, we will provide guideline on minimum font thicknesses and line thickness.  Going below those limits may result in broken or crushed artwork.

 Personal and Attentive Pre-press Help


Before we make your letterpress, we’ll carefully examine your files to check for any pre-press problems.  If your files need minor corrections, we may go ahead and make the changes to keep the job on schedule – then we’ll let you know what we did and send you a PFD so that you can prevent that error in he future.  If you files have larger problems, we’ll contact you pronto via e-mail and let you know just what they are.  You can all and talk to our artist or have us fix them at a quoted low price.

Plate Proofs


With every order, you’ll receive a letterpress PDF of your plate; these proofs will allow you to check the plate impression on paper.

Digital Plates


Our rip output software is sophisticated.  We generate film for analog plates but prefer to process them using the latest digital imaging technology.  Our digital imager is an Esko.

Shipping Schedules


Press-ready files that we receive by 2 pm will be shipped that day.

Two-day shipping in the USA


Each plate is shipped in its own plastic bag so that a constant moisture content is maintained.  The plates are shipped USPS 2nd day priority mail.  We also ship overnight on request.

International Shipping

We offer UPS shipping and USPS shipping for our plate making service.  Our international shipping rates do not include tariffs, import taxes, or customs and brokerage fee.  Generally the shipping company collects these fees directly from you when your package is delivered.  Brokerage fees are usually a percentage of your total dollar amount and paid to UPS.  Brokerage and customs fees are NOT the same as tariffs and import taxes.  Canadian customers only: UPS Canada Standard is a ground service and will include charges for brokerage fees charged to and paid by you to UPS.

As an added bonus, we are a JETUSA authorized AGENT.

As a JETUSA agent we can sell you letterpress plate material, exposure units, washout units and dryers. We also sell hand brushes allowinng you to wash out your plates using warm water in the sink. Visit WWW.JETUSA.COM for all we have to offer.