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Have you ever wondered
    ... why we at Flexocraft adopted the credo: be Innovative, be Quality minded, be Honest?

   We also wondered why something so simple would be ignored by some of the largest flexo pre-press. Yes, they were innovative and the first to design digital systems that have revolutionized the entire Industry, but it took a small company like Flexocraft to reach a more economical answer, one that surprised many in the industry with our superior product.

   Just like a number of years ago when we thought photopolymer plates were the future of flexo printing and pioneered photopolymers in 1979 with a homemade exposure unit. We washed them with a special hand brush technique. In 1982, we joined with W.R. Grace as they worked to develop quality photopolymer materials, but yeas elapsed before it was universally adopted.

   We admit we’re a small shop with big ideas -- and bigger goals. After searching and trying many plates, we found one we thought superior and which we now use. Flexible, durable, there were many features that were requirements to our way of thinking. Not only meeting our highest expectation, we found additional pluses: a plate that virtually eliminated plate lift on the press and an ink flow that would enhance the drape, particularly in narrow web printing. With ease in cleaning and a guarantee of longer life, we were confident of its success.
We also wanted materials that were environmentally acceptable that would meet our require-ments. Most importantly, we also wanted those that offered high quality at very competitive prices, plates that we could offer you with pride.